Nikon Z Owners Club

Nikon Z Owners Club

Z series Owners Club: Be a Part of the Reinvention.

Own a Full Frame Z Series Camera? Join the Z Series Owners Club to receive exclusive benefits!

Benefits Include:

  • Elite member-only bag tag
  • Priority access to regional workshops
  • Special offers and more

To get started, please complete the below information to start enjoying your Owners Club benefits today!

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Terms and Conditions

Nikon Z series Owners Club Member Terms and Conditions

By applying for a Nikon Z Series Owners Club Membership (“Z Club”) (collectively, a “Z Club Membership”) from Nikon Canada Inc. (“Nikon”), you agree to and accept these club membership terms and conditions (collectively, these “Terms”). If you do not agree to and accept these terms, you cannot receive a Z Club Membership. Nikon reserves the right at any time to change these terms without prior notice and you agree to be bound by any such changes.

Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to be a member of the Nikon Z Series Owners Club (a “Member”), an individual must meet all of the following requirements at the time of application.

  1. Member must maintain a physical postal address within Canada (post office boxes do not meet this requirement), as well as a valid email address. Notwithstanding whether a Member has “opted out” of receiving marketing or other electronic communications from Nikon, Member consents and agrees to receive notices and other communications regarding their Z Club Membership by email to the address on file for Member.
  2. Z Club Membership requires that Member own a minimum of one Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera that has been purchased by Member from Nikon Canada Inc. and/or a Nikon Canada Authorized Dealer (collectively, “Member’s Equipment”). The models and serial numbers of such Member’s Equipment must be registered with Nikon.
  3. Only individuals, in their own name, may become Members. Companies and entities are not eligible for Z Club Membership, and no group or corporation memberships will be accepted.
  4. Z Club Memberships are non-transferrable.
  5. Nikon may terminate any Z Club Membership, with or without cause, effective immediately, at any time upon notice to the Member.
  6. Member shall confirm these Z Club Membership requirements by providing reasonably satisfactory evidence to Nikon upon Nikon’s request therefor.

Nikon may approve or reject any application for a Z Club Membership at any time, for any reason and/or for no reason, in Nikon’s sole discretion.

Events and Workshops

Nikon may, from time to time, notify Members that it will be participating in certain trade shows, workshops, sporting events, media events and other special events and activities (collectively, “Events”). Members must obtain their own credentials from the organizer of such Events in order to attend the Event and access Nikon’s services. Such Member services are offered on a first come, first served basis, are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Nikon’s participation in any Event may be cancelled without prior notification.

Limited Time Offers

Nikon may, from time to time, notify eligible Members of certain offers or discounts on products or services which are available to Members from Nikon or from third parties. Such offers or discounts may only be available to Members who are in full compliance with these Terms. Nikon is not responsible for any third party promotional or marketing communications or offers to Members, nor is Nikon responsible for any third party websites or website terms or policies. Nikon makes no representations, conditions or warranties with respect to any third party products, services or websites.

Member Privileges

All Member privileges set forth in these Terms are available only to Members who, in Nikon’s sole determination, are in good standing and who are in compliance with these Terms. Nikon shall have the right to suspend or revoke, temporarily or permanently, partially or fully, a Member’s Z Club Membership privileges at any time if Nikon determines, in its sole discretion, that such Member is not in compliance with any and/or all of these Terms. Z Club Membership privileges are subject to availability and review and may be changed or be discontinued at any time without prior notice in Nikon’s sole discretion.

Additional Member Responsibilities

Members shall not use or incorporate the names, trademarks, logos or other identifying indicia of Nikon and/or Z Club in, on and/or or as part of the name, trade name, corporate name, domain name, website and/or title under which Member conducts business.

Member shall not represent himself or herself nor be considered in any manner as an agent, representative or employee of Nikon. Member is not authorized in any way to obligate or bind Nikon.

Member’s status as a Z Club Member is personal to Member and is not assignable or transferable in whole or part.

Term, Renewal and Termination

This agreement is ongoing until such time that Member notifies Nikon in writing of such termination of this agreement. Nikon shall have the right to terminate any Member at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, effective immediately upon written notice to the Member.

Nikon shall not by reason of the termination of Member’s Z Club Membership or for any reason whatsoever be liable to Member for compensation, reimbursement or damages of any kind either on account of present or prospective profits or sales or anticipated sales or on account of expenditures, investments or commitments made in connection with the establishment, development or maintenance of the business or goodwill of Member.

Warranties and Liability

Except as set out in Nikon’s limited written warranty included with equipment sold or repaired by Nikon, (a) Nikon makes no warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement, with respect to any Nikon equipment sold, Z Club Memberships, or otherwise, and (b) in no event shall Nikon be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, of any kind, for any reason whatsoever under these terms or otherwise, even if Nikon has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Choice of Law/Jurisdiction/Legal Fees

The laws of the province of Ontario, and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, shall govern NPS Memberships, these Terms, any claim, controversy or dispute arising under or in respect of these Terms and/or the relationship of the parties. Member agrees that jurisdiction and venue for all actions or suits in respect of or arising out of these terms and conditions and any claim, controversy or dispute arising under or in respect of these Terms, and/or the relationship of the parties shall be proper only in federal and provincial courts located in the commercial courts in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Member hereby consents to the exercise of personal jurisdiction by such courts. Nikon shall be entitled to receive its legal costs including without limitation reasonable legal fees in any actions or suits in respect of or arising out of these Terms and any claim, controversy or dispute arising under or in respect of these Terms and/or the relationship of the parties.