Grey Market Warning

Nikon products that are imported and sold by anyone other than Nikon Canada Inc. are considered Grey Market products. These usually are genuine Nikon products that were intended for other Nikon markets; therefore, they may not meet Nikon’s specifications for Canadian products and they may not perform as expected.

Terms to look for

The majority of Grey Market products are sold online at discounted prices. Look for the following terms, which often indicate that a product is Grey Market.

Import Model
Nikon Import
Direct Import
Warranty via Seller
Canadian Seller Warranty
Canadian Coverage by Seller
Grey/Gray Market
Off Market
Seller Warranty

Why are Grey Market products risky?

Since Grey Market products are not imported and distributed by Nikon Canada Inc., you don’t know exactly what you’re getting.

No Nikon Canada warranty

Grey Market products may contain a limited warranty from the seller, but they are not covered by a Nikon Canada warranty.

Non-genuine accessories

May include counterfeit or third party accessories that could damage Nikon equipment.

Missing user manuals

User manuals are often missing, incomplete or photocopied, and they may even be in a foreign language.

Fake software

The software included is often either copied or counterfeit.

May not be as expected

Since Grey Market products were not designed for sale in Canada, they may not meet your expectations.

Wrong power cord

May include an incorrect power cord or adapter not designated for use in Canada.

Not eligible for Nikon Canada promotions

Grey Market products are not eligible for Nikon Canada promotions or rebates.

Did you know?

A counterfeit accessory like a battery or charger can potentially malfunction and damage your equipment.

What if I already own a Grey Market Nikon product?

Nikon Canada Inc. and Nikon Authorized Dealers will not provide warranty service on Grey Market products. If you suspect you may have purchased a Grey Market Nikon product, please contact the seller or importer for warranty and service information as well as software updates and downloads. Refer to the seller or the warranty cards included with your product for service contact information.

Buy from a Nikon Authorized Dealer

Ensure your product lives up to Nikon’s high standards and is eligible for manufacturer support.

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