Nikon Imaging Cloud

Camera to cloud connectivity.

Creativity expanded. Workflow streamlined.

Nikon Imaging Cloud is a complimentary cloud service that expands the capabilities and connectivity of compatible Nikon cameras1.

Imaging Recipes

Give your photos and videos a distinctive look with Cloud Picture Control presets.

Photo Transfer

Upload full-resolution photo files right from your camera to your preferred cloud storage sites.

Firmware Updates

Keep your camera features up to date with firmware upgrades sent directly from the cloud1.

Imaging Recipes

Stylize your photos & videos with downloadable camera presets.

Looking to add a different look, colour effect or technique to your work? Imaging Recipes provide all the ingredients you need–inspiring stories, suggested camera settings, plus Cloud Picture Control presets you can download to your camera.

Inspiration, from cloud to camera.


Browse and save inspiring Imaging Recipes from photographers and filmmakers.


Add up to nine Cloud Picture Control presets to your camera right from Nikon Imaging Cloud.


Select one of your saved Cloud Picture Control presets and preview its effect on your photos and videos in real-time.

Tip: Create your own Picture Control presets using Flexible Colour Picture Control in Nikon NX Studio.

Photo Transfer

Upload your photos right to the cloud.

Simplify your workflow with automatic uploads of full-resolution image files to the cloud from your camera, anytime it's connected to Wi-Fi®.

Unlimited storage on Nikon Imaging Cloud available for up to 30 days, free of charge.

Smoother, faster workflow.


Full-resolution image files are transferred from your camera directly to the cloud over Wi-Fi; no computer, smartphone or card reader needed.


Works with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Dropbox, Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive and Nikon Image Space.


Set different destinations for each image format you shoot, so JPEG, NEF and HEIF images end up exactly where you want them.

Firmware Updates

Keep your camera up to date, effortlessly.

Get notified in-camera when a new firmware version is available. Schedule the update to be downloaded and installed, from cloud to camera*, when convenient for you.

* Automatic version update setting must be turned on and camera must be turned off, connected to Wi-Fi and in USB power delivery mode.

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  1. Compatible with Nikon Z6III as of 6/17/24