NX Tether

Simple. Reliable.
Tethered shooting.

Workflow optimized.

NX Tether is a simple, streamlined tethering shooting utility for compatible* Nikon cameras. Transfer every shot you take to a laptop or computer automatically in real-time. Collaborate with production teams and clients. Import shots into your favourite editing software in the moment. Monitor and adjust key camera settings—all in a free software compatible with both Mac and PC.

* Compatible cameras include all Z series cameras, D780 and D6 DSLRs.

Nail the shot.

When you shoot with NX Tether, you know you’re getting the shots you need. Check your focus, lighting and composition—in the moment—and make adjustments as needed. Collaborate with the production team, client and models to ensure everyone is on the same page. Shoot with confidence.

Seamless editing.

Send your shots straight into leading photo editing software like Nikon NX Studio and make adjustments on the fly. Speed up your process by cutting out the importing step.

Familiar, intuitive interface.

Camera controls and settings are all consistent with the most recent Nikon cameras, and all menus are conveniently organized for simple, streamlined operation.

Fast transfer speed.

NX Tether is optimized for the fast transfer speeds of recent Nikon cameras. Even ultra-high megapixel NEF files are transferred in an instant.

Fits into the Nikon ecosystem.

Work in seamless collaboration with a suite of other Nikon software including NX Studio, Nikon Image Space, Picture Control Utility 2 and more.

Wireless tethering.

Using a compatible Nikon camera with built-in wireless transmitter or camera that utilizes an optional wireless transmitter1, you can shoot wirelessly2 with NX Tether as if you were physically tethered.

Totally free.

NX Tether is free software designed to enhance your Nikon imaging experience.

System requirements:


  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10


  • macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11)

1 Z 9 has a wireless transmitter built into the camera. Z 7II/Z 7, Z 6II/Z 6, Z 5, Z fc, Z 50 and D780 use the optional WT-7 wireless transmitter; D6 uses the optional WT-6 or WT-5 wireless transmitters.

2 Wireless tethering may have some limitations in functionality

Tethered connectivity to cameras utilizes USB cable. See the user’s manual for NX Tether for more information.