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Kristian Bogner is a master photographer, director, filmmaker, speaker and Nikon Ambassador. He lives in the Rocky Mountains of Canada but his passion for visual storytelling takes him from shooting the Olympics to aircraft interiors. He shoots extreme sports, fashion, editorial, nature, commercial, film projects and adventure expeditions on every continent.

Known for his versatility, inventive creativity and illustrative style of photography and filming, he thrives in technical challenges with a mindset of capturing energy at its peak, no matter what his subject is. This sought-after visual artist has directed on several billion-dollar projects and large-scale productions, having extensive experience working with top international creative agencies, the film industry and tv productions.  

Awarded 2018 International Photographer of the Year and 3-time International Commercial Photographer of the Year with the Master Photographers International Association, 2020 World Photographic Cup Bronze Medal, 4-time Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada and the prestigious Yousuf Karsh lifetime achievement award with the Professional Photographers of Canada Association, among many other awards for his work.

Bogner is proud to be part of an 80-year heritage in photography spanning 3 generations, starting with his grandfather, a master photographer in Germany, followed by his father and mother who are also master photographers. By 8 years old Kristian was assisting on weddings and by 10 years old he was already doing his first commercial and aerial shoots. At age 16 he bought a new Nikon F100, 70-200mm,17-35mm, and 28-70mm and started his own photography company. He has been dedicated to capturing the light ever since.

Kristian Bogner headshot
When you capture the beauty, you see in someone or something and reflect it back at them in the energetic form of a photograph or film it can be transformational. I approach every shoot ignited by that intention.
Kristian Bogner photo of a dancer with blue and purple gel lights on her

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