Game on.

Lock on to the flag.

Targeting the pin? DUAL LOCKED ON QUAKE flagstick confirmation technology gives a visual cue plus a gentle vibration to let you know you're measuring the pin, not a tree or other object 20 yards behind it.

* When attaching to magnetic metals using the rangefinder’s internal magnet, make sure that the rangefinder is securely set in place. It may fall due to vibration or impact.

Users of medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers should not use this product and its accessories. Magnets built into the product and accessories can cause medical device malfunctions. Also, keep credit cards and electronic media away from this product and its accessories. Recorded data may get corrupted.

LCD, Video and Photo Gallery images are for illustrative purposes only

Tech Specs

    • Measurement Range
      Distance: 6-1,200 yd. (5-1,090m)
    • Increment Reading
      Actual Distance: every 1m/yd.
      Actual Distance (lower): every 0.5m/yd.(shorter than 1,000m/yd.), 1m/yd. (1,000m/yd. and over)
      Slope Adjusted Distance (lower): every 0.2m/yd., 1m/yd. (1,000m/yd. and over)
    • Accuracy (Actual Distance)
      ±1 m/yd. (shorter than 100m/yd.), ±2 m/yd. (100m/yd. and over, shorter than 1,000m/yd.), ±0.5% m/yd. (1,000m/yd. and over)
    • Magnification
    • Angular Field of View (Real)
    • Exit Pupil
    • Eye Relief
    • Diopter Adjustment
    • Power Source
      1 CR2 Lithium Battery (DC 3V), Automatic power shut-off (after approx. 8 sec. unoperated)
    • Size (Length x Width x Height)
      3.9in. (100mm) x 1.5in. (38mm) x 3in.(75mm)
    • Weight (Without Batteries)
      6.2 oz6.2g
    • Operating Temperature
      -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
    • Operating Humidity
      80% or less (without dew condensation)
    • Rainproof
      Rainproof - JIS/IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent
    • Battery Life
      Approx.13,000 actuations (at approx. 20°C [68°F])
    • Laser Classification
      IEC60825-1: Class 1M/Laser Product, FDA/21 CFR Part 1040.10: Class I Laser Product
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility
      FCC Part15 SubPartB class B, EU:EMC directive, AS/NZS, VCCI classB, CU TR 020, ICES-003
    • Environment
      RoHS, WEEE
    • Wavelength (nm)
    • Pulse Duration (ns)
    • Output (W)
    • Beam Divergence (mrad)
      Vertical: 3.75, Horizontal: 0.17
    • Use


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