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Tzara Maud headshot

Photographer born into photojournalism, and pursuing her career in various photographic spheres, Tzara photographs subjects and projects with humanity and camaraderie. Her strength lies in the art of building trust and, thanks to her experience, in bringing out the authenticity of a being or an emotion, which she frames with aesthetics. Tzara does very little retouching of her images (unless requested) as she believes there is much more value in demonstrating that the well-lit reality can look stunning without being photoshopped. 

For more than 12 years, Tzara has collaborated as a photographer with Montreal daily newspapers such as the Journal de Montréal, as well as various cultural and information magazines. Freelance photographer, her photographic skills and experience lead her to touch everything: Jet set, advertising agencies, individuals, publishing house, "lifestyle", social networks, tourism... 

It’s when you have the guts to trust your vision, that you become a real photographer.
Tzara Maud photo of a boy on a rocky ledge

© Tzara Maud