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Taku Kumabe

Nikon Ambassador Taku Kumabe, headshot

Taku’s technical acumen and creative thought process has him capturing fleeting moments with precision and beauty. Whether photographing events or landscapes his ability to capture the essence of each moment is masterfully shown in his photographs.

As a self-taught graphic designer and photographer, Taku understands all facets of a creative workflow, capturing moments that his clients can seamlessly use in their own workflow. Despite his work covering a broad range of genres including events and festivals, editorial and environmental portraits, travel, nature, landscape, and art direction in the print industry, his love for capturing the beauty of Mother Nature has him outside any chance he can get. Always a champion of exploring your surroundings, Taku’s breathtaking landscapes inspire others to explore nature in their own neighbourhoods.

His photographs have been used by advertisement to tourism agencies, private companies, major events, and in personal collections. His clients and collaborations have included The Toronto International Film Festival, Luminato Festival, Hot Docs Festival, JAYU, Langdon Hall, Mazda Canada, The Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Bell Canada. He has been published in various outlets including The Toronto Star, The Nikka Times (Japanese Newspaper), Canadian Geographic, Toronto Life, and CBC.

My love for capturing the beauty of Mother Nature has me outside any chance I can get.
Taku Kumabe photo of a snowy scene in the foreground, framing a city in the background

© Taku Kumabe