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Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong headshot

Jenny Wong is cut from a line of refugees, three generations of strong women that ran from war torn Taiwan, China, and Vietnam—finally finding a home in Canada, where she was born and raised. She attributes this history to her strength and restless need to explore, and her adaptability in the various situations her camera has lead her to. In contrast to her passion to travel, photography was a slow organic relationship. Perhaps many can relate, her camera started like a paperweight in her backpack and eventually over many trips became a trusted companion that she has shared all her memories with. From her very first DSLR, the unassuming D90 to her current bold Z 9, Nikon cameras have truly been on every journey. 

Specializing in remote places and wild creatures her most prized skillset is being able to direct and produce emotionally charged visuals under the most precarious conditions while mitigating the many risks to herself, her team, and her gear. From backpacking Africa, Asia, and South America, or snowmobiling and camping on sea ice for weeks on end in the high Arctic, she and her kit are always adapting to the job and story. Existing in a very male dominated niche, she believes part of her success is attributed to the women before her in both photography and the outdoors, and feels obligated to carry that baton to lay her bricks for future generations of women to come. To her it is just as important to celebrate and nurture the diversity in front and behind the lens. As a storyteller her personal goal for each image is for them to exist as the unspoken textures one feels between the text—to go beyond skin deep, to be more than just pretty. Truly outspoken images happen when the ideas of the mind are felt by the heart. Which ultimately lead to her work with conservation groups, and advocating for the wild—a true love and understanding that her work will forever be indebted to the nature she frames. 

Jenny is a photo ambassador for Polar Bears International, a Royal Canadian Geographic Fellow and travel ambassador, and a National Geographic YourShot contributor. Her work has been published by Elle Canada, Uphere Magazine, Canadian Geographic, and Travel and Leisure. Some of the brands she has worked with include Nikon, Gitzo, PolarPro, Canada Goose, Travel Manitoba, Travel Nunavut, and Explore Canada.

Great photos are created when the ideas of the mind are felt by the heart.
Jenny Wong photo of the Milky Way in the sky over mountains and a lake

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