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Herry Himanshu

Herry Himanshu is a photographer based in Regina, Saskatchewan with a passion for being outside and having a camera to document it. He's a big believer of being a ‘jack of all trades’ - so he specializes in several disciplines of photography including landscapes, astrophotography, wildlife, storms, aerials, travel, weddings, and portraiture.

While in college for web and graphic design, Herry developed his interest in photography by shooting on the camera he always had on him—his iPhone. Once he was confident in his understanding of light and composition, he decided to teach himself how to use a DSLR camera. But more importantly, he taught himself the art of finding beauty in simple things. Over the years, Herry has mastered the art of stripping any given scene from all its complexities, chaos and distractions; and turning it into a simple, striking and timeless piece of art that he'd be proud to hang on his walls. That’s the fundamental philosophy he carries for his craft.

Herry takes immense pride in representing Saskatchewan. Creating compelling work from this stereotypically 'flat and boring' prairie province is a challenge that he relishes the most.

His work has been published in several media outlets like The Weather Network, SaskTel, CBC, CanGeo, Hearts of Canada, Canadian Living, and Daily Mail among others. He also has several wedding clients and regularly works with businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. Some of them include Tourism Saskatchewan, Parks Canada, Destination Canada, Spectacular Northwest Territories and Tourism Jasper. 

Headshot photo of Nikon Creator Herry Himanshu
Finding the beauty in simple things is as cliché as it gets, but it couldn’t be more apt for photography. Creating more out of less is an incredibly satisfying challenge that keeps me motivated to follow my passion.
Herry Himanshu photo of the milky way over a barn in a field

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