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Support for professional Nikon photographers.

Are you a professional imaging or video creator in Canada? You may be eligible for membership in Nikon Professional Services (NPS), a community of pros receiving enhanced support, priority service and ongoing care from our dedicated NPS support team.

Member Requirements*

Imaging or video creator in Canada1

Own two
qualifying Nikon digital cameras2

Own two
qualifying Nikkor lenses2

*For additional eligibility requirements to apply for and be considered for an NPS membership, please see NPS Terms & Conditions.

Membership plans that work for you.

For more on membership plans and benefits,
see the NPS Terms & Conditions.


Our no-cost membership for pros with fewer gear repairs, maintenance and loaner needs3.


  • NPS Support Hotline

  • Dedicated NPS Support

  • Priority Repairs5

  • Member Only Webinars, Product Launch Events and Virtual Meetups

  • Access to NPS Events

  • Priority Purchase Delivery


For hardworking pros who depend on their gear daily and like to try new Nikon gear before they buy.


  • Loaners for Certain Repairs

  • Subsidized Shipping on Loaners

  • Welcome Gift


The ultimate in professional support and discounts, it can pay for itself with one new gear purchase.


Are you managing a photo division using exclusively Nikon equipment?

For government, law enforcement, military/service branch, news/wire agencies or other large organizations looking for support programs, please contact NPS.

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Save time, money & stress.

NPS Support
NPS Support
New Product Purchase Priority Delivery
Up to $400 Off
New Gear6
Platinum only
Discounts5Pro+ and Platinum
Maintenance & Cleaning ServicesPro+ and Platinum
Webinars & Events
Equipment LoansPro+ and Platinum
See NPS Terms & Conditions for requirements, exclusions and limitations.


NPS remains an exclusive program for imaging professionals who use Nikon products and are engaged in and derive income from the business of photography. Membership is available for those who qualify by, among other requirements, owning a specific amount of professional Nikon equipment and derive income from photography or multimedia capture. For more eligibility and other information, see the NPS Terms & Conditions.

For your work profile, please supply supporting details about your imaging business. This might include examples of how clients purchase or commission your services like your website url or examples of your portfolio of published or professional work within the last 12 months, or evidence of your membership(s) in professional organizations.

Owning a minimum of qualifying Nikon equipment and registering it with NPS is an NPS membership requirement because NPS benefits are designed to support imaging professionals engaged in the business of photography who actively use Nikon products.

The qualifying equipment list is determined in Nikon’s discretion. Qualifying equipment may change over time based on the product service period, which is the duration that product is supported by parts and service. Service period length for each product will vary. Although products do have a service period life, Nikon will continue to offer repair as possible to the extent parts are available.

NPS Membership Renewal is held on an annual basis. From time to time, NPS updates Membership Terms and Conditions. By taking the time to review and accept the current program Terms and Conditions, update or confirm your contact information, you will allow for uninterrupted membership services in the Canada. Keeping your account current, in Canada, allows for emergency assistance via the NPS Global network while you are traveling to other countries with NPS programs. Please reach out to [email protected] should you have questions about your membership.

Nikon’s updated NPS program offers many benefits to imaging professionals. Besides priority access to the latest products and best-in-class service, paid members can receive discounts on repairs, complimentary maintenance and cleaning services, and more. The Platinum level will also receive a one-time new product discount of 10% up to a maximum of $400.

Repair discounts (for Pro+ and Platinum members) and repair loans (for Pro+ and Platinum members) are valid only for repairs that were received by Nikon directly from the Member.

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Check out our NPS Campus and Student Savings Program

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See NPS Terms & Conditions for eligibility, benefit details, limitations and other important requirements and considerations.

1 Members must be legal residents of Canada, be at least 21 years of age and engaged in and derive income from the imaging business as professional photographers or videographers, and own a majority interest in and/or be employed in a photography business or job. Such organizations include commercial studios, wedding and portrait studios, event photography, audio-visual production, commercial and, industrial, police and forensic, medical, federal, state or local government agencies, movie or video productions, scientific photography and magazine or newspaper publications.

2 Select Nikon-branded cameras, lenses or other equipment that has been purchased by you from Nikon Canada Inc., a Nikon Authorized Dealer and/or a Nikon Authorized Reseller, is not purchased as a grey market product and appears on the NPS Qualifying Equipment List, which is subject to change at any time.

3 Benefits may change at any time without notification.

4 Membership is on an annual basis and members must apply for renewal each year.

5 Repair benefits valid at Nikon Canada Inc. Service Center in Mississauga.

6 Platinum members are eligible for an annual one-time 10% purchase discount on new Nikon products (not used or refurbished) via Nikon Canada E-store up to a maximum of $400.

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