Photographers can use the WR-T10 or WR-1 to simultaneously release the shutter on multiple cameras that have a WR-R11a unit attached and have been paired with the WR-T10/WR-1.
Range (line of sight) from the WR-T10 to WR-R11a is 66 feet (20 meters).
Range (line of sight) from WR-R11a (acting as a master unit) to WR-R10 or WR-11a/b units is 164 feet (50 meters).
Regarding controlling Speedlights, the camera used must be able to support radio AWL (Advanced Wireless Lighting).
Up to 18 Speedlights can be paired to the WR-R11a on the camera.
Communication distance between the WR-R11a on the camera and the Speedlight is approx. 98 ft. (30 meters).
The WR-11a comes with a small strap that can be used to connect the unit to the camera strap for convenience.Find out more about the WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controller (transmitter)Find out more about the WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller

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