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Tech Specs

  • Effective Pixels (Megapixels)

    Effective Pixels (Megapixels)

    2.7 million
  • Sensor Size

    Sensor Size

    23.7 mm x 15.6 mm
  • Storage Media

    Storage Media

    CompactFlash© (CF) (Type I/II, compliant with UDMA), MicroDrive©
  • ISO Sensitivity

    ISO Sensitivity

    ISO200 -1600
  • Monitor Size

    Monitor Size

    2 in. diagonal
  • Monitor Type

  • Battery / Batteries

    Battery / Batteries

    EN-4 Ni-MH Battery Pack (7.2V DC)
  • Approx. Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)

    Approx. Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)

    6.2 in. (157 mm) x 6.1 in. (153 mm) x 3.4 in. (85 mm)
  • Approx. Weight

    Approx. Weight

    3.4 oz. (1100 g)
  • Lens Mount
    Nikon F bayonet mount
  • Picture Angle
    Nikon DX format (Effective picture angle 1.5x [Approx.] conversion factor)
  • Effective Pixels (Megapixels)
    2.7 million
  • Sensor Size
    23.7 mm x 15.6 mm
  • Image Area (pixels)
    (L)2,000 x 1,312
  • File Format Still Images
    Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW), JPEG (Baseline Compliant), TIFF (RGB), Uncompressed 12-bit NEF (RAW)
  • Storage Media
    CompactFlash© (CF) (Type I/II, compliant with UDMA), MicroDrive©
  • Card Slot
    1 CompactFlash© (CF) card
  • Viewfinder
    Optical-type fixed eye-level pentaprism
  • Viewfinder Frame Coverage
    96 % (Approx.)
  • Viewfinder Magnification
    0.80x (Approx.)
  • Viewfinder Eyepoint
    22mm (-1.0 m¯¹)
  • Viewfinder Diopter Adjustment
    Built-in diopter adjustment (-3 to +1 m¯¹), Eyepiece shutter provided
  • Focusing Screen
    B-type BriteView clear Matte screen III; interchangeable with optional E-type screen with grid
  • Reflex Mirror
    Instant return type
  • Mirror Lock Up
  • Lens Aperture
    Instant-return type with depth-of-field preview button
  • Lens Compatibility at a Glance***
    AF-S or AF lenses fully compatible, Metering with AI lenses
  • Compatible Lenses
    AF Nikkor other than D-type: All functions except 3D Colour Matrix Metering and 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash for D1-series possible, D-type AF Nikkor: All functions possible, D-type Manual-Focus Nikkor: All functions except autofocus possible, Non-CPU AI NIKKOR:Usable in A or M mode with Matrix, Centre-Weighted and Spot metering. Indication of aperture No., after user inputs the aperture f/No. and focal length by multi-selector. Electronic Rangefinder usable with max. aperture of 5.6 or faster
  • Shutter Type
    Charge-coupled electronic and mechanical shutter; 30 to 1/16,000 sec. and Bulb
  • Fastest Shutter Speed
    1/8000 sec.1/3, 1/2, 1
  • Slowest Shutter Speed
    30 sec.1/3, 1/2, 1
  • Top Continuous Shooting Speed at Full Resolution
    5 frames per second
  • Self-Timer
    2-20 sec.
    Timer duration electronically controlled
  • Exposure Metering System
    3D Colour Matrix Metering with 1,005-pixel CCD, Centre-Weighted Metering (75% of the meter's sensitivity concentrated on the 8mm dia. circle), Spot Metering (4mm dia. circle, approx. 2% of entire frame), TTL full-aperture exposure metering system
  • Metering Range
    3D Colour Matrix Metering: EV 0-20, Centre-Weighted Metering: EV 0-20, Spot Metering: EV 2-20 (at normal temperature, ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens)
  • Exposure Meter Coupling
    CPU, AI
  • Exposure Modes
    Aperture-Priority Auto (A), Manual (M), Programmed Auto with flexible Program (P), Shutter-Priority Auto (S), shutter speed/aperture adjustable in 1/2 or 1/3 EV steps
  • Shooting Modes
    Single frame shooting (S) mode: advances one frame for each shutter release; capture preview mode available, Continuous shooting (C) mode: approx. 5 frames per sec. (up to 40 consecutive shots), Playback mode: playback, menu setting, PC mode: data transfer via personal computer, Self-timer mode: time duration can be set
  • Exposure Compensation
    ±5 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2
  • Exposure Lock
    Yes, Luminosity locked at detected value with AE-L/AF-L button
  • ISO Sensitivity
    ISO200 -1600
  • Lowest Standard ISO Sensitivity
    2001/3, 1/2, 1
  • Highest Standard ISO Sensitivity
    16001/3, 1/2, 1
  • Dynamic AF Mode
    Dynamic-area AF (supports closest subject priority)
  • Auto-Area AF Mode
  • Autofocus System Type
    Detection range: EV -1 to EV +19 (ISO 100 equivalent, at normal temperature: 20°C/68°F)
  • Focus Lock
    Focus is locked by pressing [a] button or lightly pressing shutter release button in (S) AF
  • Focus Modes
    Continuous-servo (AF-C), Manual, Single-servo AF (AF-S)
  • Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points
  • X-Sync Speed
  • Flash Control
    SB-24: Auto, Manual, Rear Curtain, Repeating Flash, SB-27: Auto, Manual, Rear Curtain, SB-29s: Manual, Rear Curtain, SB-50DX: D-TTL, Manual, Rear Curtain, SB-80DX: D-TTL, Auto, Manual, Rear Curtain, Repeating Flash, Red Eye Reduction, SB-400: n/a, Not usable. No i-TTL function with these cameras, no custom setting option to control Manual output., SB-600: D-TTL, Manual, Red-Eye Reduction, AF Assist for multi area AF, Auto Zoom, Rear Curtain, SB-800: D-TTL, Auto Aperture (AA), Auto, Manual, Rear Curtain, Repeating Flash, Red-eye Reduction, AF, Zoom, SB-900: Non CLS cameras: D-TTL, Non-TTL Auto Flash, Distance Priority Manual Flash, M, RPT, SU-4 type optical trigger, SB-R1C1/SB-R200 triggered by SU-800: D-TTL, Auto Aperture (AA), Rear Curtain, Slow Sync, AF, Manual, SB-R1, SB-R200 triggered by camera's built in flash: No built in flash
  • Flash Sync Modes
    Front-curtain sync (normal), Rear-curtain sync, Red-Eye reduction, Red-Eye reduction with slow sync, Slow sync
  • Flash Sync Terminal
    Yes, Standard JIS terminal, lock screw provided
  • Monitor Size
    2 in. diagonal
  • Monitor Resolution
    130000 Dots
  • Monitor Type
  • Playback Functions
    Hide Setting, Indication directory switching: 1 frame, Thumbnail (4/9 segments), Slide Show, Enlarged Playback, Histogram Indication, Highlight Point Display and Focus Confirmation Indication, NTSC/PAL Wwitching, Protect Setting
  • Interface
    IEEE1394, NTSC, PAL, RS-232C [GPS unit (not Nikon product) connection]
  • Total Custom Settings
  • Battery / Batteries
    EN-4 Ni-MH Battery Pack (7.2V DC)
  • AC Adapter
    EH-4 AC Adapter
  • Battery Charger
    MH-17/16/15 Quick Charger (12V DC)
  • Tripod Socket
    1/4 in. (JIS)
  • Approx. Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
    6.2 in. (157 mm) x 6.1 in. (153 mm) x 3.4 in. (85 mm)
  • Approx. Weight
    3.4 oz. (1100 g)
  • Not compatible with E-type lenses
  • External Flash Shoe Type
    Standard ISO-type hot-shoe contact with safety lock
  • External Flash Shoe
  • Battery
  • Optional Accessories
    EN-4 Ni-MH Battery Pack, MH-16 Quick Charger, MH-17 Quick Charger, EH-4 AC Adapter, SC-D1 IEEE1394 cable, DK-15 Anti-fog Finder Eyepiece, CompactFlash™ Card, Nikon Capture Control Software


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