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Tony Beck

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After 40 years of photography, birding, and world travels, Tony is now enjoying the relaxed pace of semi-retirement. Besides Nikon Ambassador of Canada, Tony’s professional career includes working as a nature tour-guide and photographer specifically focusing on wildlife, scenery, and discovering photographic opportunities. An enthusiastic, passionate, and skilled leader, he’s worked as a guide for several agents and international eco-tour operators. He brings his passion to many exciting destinations throughout the world including across all of North America, the Tropical Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Tropical America, and both Polar Regions. Today, however, travel is less of a priority than his rediscovery of nature around his home turf—the Greater Ottawa Area.

Along with his wife Nina Stavlund, they operate “Always An Adventure Inc.”—a private business that includes all aspects of photography and enjoying nature. They regularly conduct a variety of Birdwatching and Nature Photography programs including excursions, courses, and workshops.

His work is frequently published in websites, books, magazines, and calendars. Tony’s latest goal is to achieve high-quality images of as many Canadian species as possible. 

Although I want to see every living thing in this universe, I’d rather get a great photo of something common than a fleeting glimpse of something rare. Having said that, capturing a dramatic pose of a rare species is the most fulfilling experience imaginable.
Tony Beck photo of two people in a rowboat in silhouette in Algonquin Park

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