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Juan Rojas

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world around him, Juan Rojas is a Travel and Outdoor photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He is focused on capturing stunning landscapes and scenes that showcase how nature’s elements play a cohesive role in creating fascinating environments.

As a self-taught photographer and creative visionary, Juan began his photography journey venturing out to cityscape scenes in his own hometown capturing the urban environment and using his creative eye to visually tell interesting and compelling stories of the daily life in the busy city. 

After countless drives to explore his own backyard landscape scenes, Juan found his calling in showcasing what the natural world has to offer by recording nature in its most raw elements by using exposure, composition, and lighting to create captivating images.

Juan’s love for travel and the great outdoors took him to breathtaking locations across the globe, from the stunning fall foliage in Vermont, to the lush rainforests and waterfalls of Costa Rica, these scenic landscapes have allowed him to capture unique perspectives with an essence in creative expression which is where his work shines the most.

You’ll often find him venturing out early to catch the morning sunrise and staying out past late to observe the night sky. He uses a combination of technical skills and creativity to capture breathtaking sights while developing a deep appreciation of the natural environment. This in turn allows for his images to have a striking and compelling perspective that creates a greater sense of empathy and respect for the outdoors.

Juan is an advocate of sustainable travel encouraging conservation and creative expression, helping to raise awareness of the need to protect and preserve the planet's natural resources. His work has been featured on countless social media travel sites, and partnership collaborations including Nikon Canada, Pacsafe, Scrubba, Travel Alberta and City of Toronto.

Beyond his photography career, Juan has a background in Computer Science and is a User Experience Freelance Designer where he applies his creative and critical thinking skills to solve challenging problems for everyday product users. His work extends in understanding how humans interact with the digital world and what relation it has on future generations.

portrait photo of creator Juan Rojas
The beauty of photography lies in great story telling. Stepping out into the great outdoors and letting nature do the talking. It’s not about what you see, it’s about how you capture the essence brought by the scene.
Creator Juan Rojas photo of a river with a building on the far side and autumn foliage surrounding it

© Juan Rojas