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Jackie Wyers

Jackie Wyers is a Canadian content creator who began posting makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube ten years ago. She focuses on recreating iconic pop-culture looks and covering current beauty trends in her how-to tutorials. Her transformative makeup and hair techniques have garnered nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers, among other platforms. In the past year, Jackie has become a Nikon creator, using the Nikon Z30 camera to elevate her video content to 4K to capture the intricate details of her makeup artistry.

B&W headshot of creator Jackie Wyers
The Nikon Z 30 and creator's accessory kit have been game changers for creating professional content with crisp 4K and great sound quality. The camera's easy-to-use and compact design has inspired me to create more vlogs on-the-go as a passion project.
Creator Jackie Wyers photo of herself with beautiful makeup

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