Simple Two-Flash Set-up

Behind the scenes at portrait lighting workshops with Speedlight flash master David X. Tejada


The Portrait Workshop Series

If you're visiting for the first time, we're presenting here a dozen photos taken at portrait photography workshops by the noted commercial photographer and Nikon Creative Lighting System expert David X. Tejada.

To get the most from his tips, techniques and comments, be sure to take a few moments to check out our notes on flash, metering and the CLS before viewing the photos.

Times Two

For this portrait David used a setup somewhat similar to the one for Photo 4, with an SB-5000 fired through the supersilk diffuser.

But this time he did use a second flash—an SB-5000 positioned above and to the model's left—as a rim light. That flash had a honeycomb grid and a one-half CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel on it. The grid channeled the light to a narrow area and provided a specific degree of light spread. It also kept flare away from David's lens.

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