Tzara Maud


Coming from photojournalism that embodies emotion and reality in its pure state, while also evolving in the world of advertising, aesthetics, and the pursuit of visual perfection, Tzara finds her style to be a mix of these two extremes. Often combining the essence of these subjects, and their identity, with a search for aesthetics in a context that is significant to them.

A freelance photojournalist since 2007, Tzara Maud works primarily as a media photographer for Montreal dailies and various cultural magazines. She also works as an independent photographer for individuals as well as advertising agencies or publishers. Her main photographic interests are human beings, travel and artistic design.

In November 2018, she simultaneously released a book published by Éditions Goélette, and a large format exhibition on plexiglas. The book and the exhibition are called SKINFAXI. Half of its proceeds are donated to the Galahad Foundation.  She has also volunteered for some projects in the course of her career, such as the project "Tendre La Main", whose funds were used for the "Les Impatients" foundation.

In September 2019, she will publish another photography book at Éditions ADA. That project, for the moment is still a secret!

For me, photography is seeking the authenticity of a subject to then reveal its essence and beauty.

To see more of Tzara's work, visit her website at

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