Every photo will astound.
Every video will dazzle.

Hold in your hands an HD-SLR able to capture images rivaled only by those produced with a medium-format camera: extremely low noise, incredible dynamic range and the most faithful colours. Meet the Nikon D800, a 36.3 megapixel FX-format HD-SLR for professional photographers who require end results of the highest quality, who demand superior performance, speed, handling and a fully integrated imaging system. For cinematographers and multimedia professionals, 36.3 MP means true 1080p HD cinematic quality video and includes inputs for stereo microphones and headphones, peak audio meter display, DX crop mode to maximize NIKKOR lens selection and angle of view and much more.
Continuous Shooting
ISO 100–6,400
(Expandable to 25,600)
1080p at 30/25/24p

Reveal every nuance, every detail

The 36.3 megapixel FX-format advantage

Wedding, commercial or landscape, the D800 is the ultimate 36.3 MP FX-format camera for creative genius. Witness tonal range and precision rendered to supreme clarity, depth and texture. Make poster sized prints without sacrificing detail. Explore creative opportunities with ISO 100 to 6400 (expanded up to 25,600)—shoot from dawn to dusk. Experience Nikon's new Advanced Scene Recognition System featuring the 91,000-pixel RGB light meter capable of rendering unprecedented levels of accuracy to AF, AE, i-TTL flash control, face recognition and auto white balance. Nikon's new EXPEED 3 image processing reduces colour phase shifts seen with lesser systems, producing more faithful colours and tones while managing massive amounts of data at breakthrough speed. With the D800 in your hands, achieve what was once unreachable.

Broadcast quality video

A full cinematic experience

Filmmakers, multimedia professionals and event photographersrecord Full HD 1080p at 30/25/24p or 720p at 60/50p in AVC format. Produce to your exacting vision when working in manual mode, controlling aperture, ISO, AF and shutter speed. Record uncompressed files via HDMI to an external recording device. via HDMI. Widen production perspective using either Nikon FX or DX lens formats at Full HD 1080p and 16:9 aspect ratio. Attach headphones and check audio levels or monitor input via peak audio meters as displayed on the camera's LCD monitor. Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted in up to 20 steps. Remotely start and stop video. Simultaneous Live View on the camera's LCD monitor and external monitor during recording are possible.

Render every megapixel with precision

Fast, precise 51-point wide area coverage

Precise AF detection is critical to sharply render every pixel of the D800's massive resolution count. An improved 51- point AF system with 15 Cross Type AF sensors, versatile AF area modes and superb AF detection in even the dimmest lighting deliver immediate, pinpoint focus. Fast shot-to-shot time, full resolution frame rate up to 4 fps, 6 fps in DX crop mode and ultra fast CF and SD card write times. For more productive workflow, high-speed data transfer using USB 3.0 is realized. For demanding professionals, the D800 responds immediately and precisely.

Versatile shooting, fluid operation

Streamlined ergonomic design puts critical tasks a touch away

Intuitive design makes D800 operation a thing of beauty. A streamlined ergonomic body allows critical photography and video tasks, including Movie Record, Live View, White Balance and Picture Control to be performed at the touch of a button. Confirm image capture and view menu options, histograms, video settings and more using the D800's super sharp 3.2-inch 921,000-dot LCD screen with 100% coverage. Anti-glare coating and auto brightness control ease of viewing, no matter the environment. Enlarge images up to 46x for on-the-spot focus confirmation. Magnesium alloy construction and environmental sealing make the D800 as comfortable in the field as in the studio.
EXPEED 3 image processing

Nikon's EXPEED 3 technology extends and assures breathtakingly rich image fidelity and reduces noise, even at high ISO's. EXPEED 3 is so powerful that it handles data-intensive tasks such as Full-HD video recording at 30p with ease.

Rich image previewing

The D800's 3.2-inch super-sharp 921,000 LCD monitor automatically adjusts LCD brightness and visibility according to your environment for bright, crisp image playback, menu adjustment and Live View shooting. Enlarge images up to 46x to make on the spot focus confirmation—crucial for high resolution shooting.

Expand dynamic range with built-in HDR

Create a single image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and rich colour gradation than ever before. Combine two exposures at up to 3EV.

Dedicated picture control button

The convenient Picture control button provides six preset options: Vivid, Monochrome, Neutral, Standard, Landscape and Portrait for stills and video while 9 customizable settings provide advanced, personalized colour control.

D800 and D800E

Which camera is right for you?

Every Nikon DSLR camera uses an optical low pass filter (OLPF) in front of its sensor to slightly blur the image at a pixel level in order to reduce the occurrence of false colours and moiré that can appear when shooting repetitive and/or fine patterns. For the vast majority of photographers the D800 provides an ideal balance between sharpness and effectively preventing moiré and false colour, ideal for shooting using all file formats. D800E is a specialized camera that removes the "effect" of the OLPF which results in a slight gain in sharpness and resolution and is recommended for studio and still life professionals but carries an increased possibility that moiré and false colour will appear.

Strikes an ideal balance between sharpness and preventing the occurrence of false colour and moiré for consistent performance
Ideal for:
  • All shooting situations
  • Photographers shooting RAW (NEF), JPG or TIFF images
  • Photographers who do not want to adjust their workflow (via software) to reduce the occurrence of moiré and false colour
Slight increase in sharpness and resolution with increased occurrence of false colour and moiré
Ideal for:
  • Studio, commercial and still life photographers who can control their shooting conditions, lens selection and aperture choice, as well as use of software (Capture NX2) to reduce the occurrence of false colour and moiré
  • Medium format photographers whose current digital system do not utilize an optical low pass filter
  • Shooting RAW (NEF)
  • More information on moiré Behind the Scenes: D800/D800E

D800 and D800E Image Comparison

Comparison of false colour and moiré

With the D800E, false colour and moiré may be noticeable when shooting repetitive and/or fine patterns.

Comparison of resolution

Compared to the D800, the D800E reproduces textures with slightly higher resolution for sharper rendering and greater depth.

What Else is Different?

Other than the very slight image quality differences described above, the D800 and D800E perform exactly the same. Focus speed, exposure metering, shooting speed, movie recording, accessory compatibility, control location and function, and all other aspects are identical.

Additional Features:
Standard ISO 100-6400, expandable to ISO 50-25,600 equivalent

Added ISO settings of Lo-1 (ISO 50 equivalent), Hi-1 (ISO 12,800 equivalent) and Hi-2 (ISO 25,600 equivalent) extend versatility.

Continuous shooting at up to 4 fps at full FX-format resolution

Commercial image quality teams with speed and handling to create new shooting possibilities—in the studio or on location. Shoot DX-format images up to 6fps using the optional MB-D12 Multi Power Battery Pack and batteries other than the EN-EL15

Rugged magnesium alloy construction

Effectively protected from invasive dust, moisture and tested to exceed 200,000 cycles.

Compatible with third party video accessories

As your multimedia work grows in importance, know that the D800 is compatible with a growing selection of third party video accessories.

High speed CF and SD dual memory card slots

CF cards compatible with UDMA6 as well as UDMA7 are supported. For SD cards, SDXC and UHS-1 are supported.

Two axis Virtual Horizon graphic indicator

Use either the LCD monitor or viewfinder to check if the camera is level—horizontally or with forward or rear rotation.

Rechargeable EN-EL15 Battery

Up to approximately 900 images and 60 minutes of HD video per charge.

Expand the creative potential of the D800

NIKKOR® lenses & Nikon Creative Lighting System for every situation

Uniquely compatible with both FX and DX-formats, tap an unprecedented selection of NIKKOR lenses. Explore NIKKOR Lenses

Get studio quality lighting virtually anywhere with the Nikon Creative Lighting System and Nikon Speedlights. Explore Speedlights

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    Extend your Creativity and Capabilities

    Express yourself creatively with a wide range of accessories, including NIKKOR lenses, Speedlights, adapters, remotes, releases and more.
    Stereo Microphone
    Stereo Microphone
    NIKKOR Lenses
    NIKKOR Lenses
    Optimized for FX Format but compatible with extensive range of NIKKOR lenses.
    4.4 5 214 214
    D800 v D600 I owned a D600 for a year, and was very happy with the results. Unfortunately, mine was plagued with the dust/oil issue, that after 3 separate occasions, and many trips to the repair centre, i paid the difference and got myself a D800. I haven't looked back since, the dynamic range is better than the D600, and the detail is simply incredible. ISO performance is superb for a camera sensor clustered with over 36 million pixels, and is on par with the noise performance i got from the D600. AF is also noticeably faster and accurate, and the build quality is simply amazing, all the buttons fall in the right place. However, the files from the D800 are noticeably slower to process once in Lightroom. Loading a full shoot (depending on your computer; 100+images at a time), can take a very, very long time. When purchasing this camera, be prepared to upgrade your computer (unless its brand new), and buy some external drives. But other than that, this is absolutely a much better camera to use professionally, especially when you dont use the "pray and spray" method, and have a second or two to compose and fire away. Excellent camera, extremely impressed. November 18, 2013
    Excellent I've been nothing but impressed with this camera. It's the best C$2799 I've spent on camera equipment so far. Make sure you have a fast computer, and don't cheap out on a getting a high-speed CF/SD card, as these 75mb (uncompressed) and 45mb (14-bit lossless compressed) NEF files are no laughing matter. Go big (36.3MP) or go home. July 7, 2013
    Epitome of Amazing I've always been told to get the camera that feels right in your hands. I've contemplated the D4, but found that the price is just not attractive for the features that it has. The D800 has incredible performance, ridiculously stunning image quality and is very comfortable in my small hands. Certainly an incredible piece of technology! June 23, 2013
    Well, slap my mama! I upgraded from the D90 (my first DSLR) to the D800 and as thrilled as I was with the D90, this camera just about sucker-punched me in the head! I love its 36.3 MP and the sheer versatility of changing from FX to DX mode (with the MB-D12 battery grip) for up to 6fps when needed. If I was snap-happy with the D90, you can call me a photo junkie with the D800. Well done, Nikon! May 22, 2013
    A unique camera at the DSLR world ! Well, where to begine! The D800 is a great camera with a wonderful image quality and sharpness; dynamic range is superior and the 36.3 MP is giving you extra pixels for many tasks. I am using it with (nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8), (Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8), (Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8), and (Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D); very satisfied with the results. I would highely recommend this camera over the Nikon D600 for what you get of what you have paid. May 5, 2013
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