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Supplied with MS-D12EN for EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (sold separately) and MS-D12 for 8 AA batteries (not included); accepts 1.5V LR-6 (Alkaline), Lithium (FR6), Ni-MH (HR6) or Ni-Mn (ZR6).
MB-D12 Multi Power Battery Pack 2.7 5 9 9
This made my camera into a dual-personality FX/DX platform the Nikon intended Yes it's pricey-- retail anyway. I got mine in a distress sale for $250 (BNIB). I needed the quality of the D800 and a more manageable 15.3 MP image size to simplify sharing efforts for my kids sports teams. Pop on my 18-200 and I have 6 FPS available. Put the FX lenses back on and I can shoot FX RAW to my hearts content for more serious work. Camera stores and Industry commentators say using the FX body in DX mode is a waste, but in reality, being able to achieve great results and enhanced speed, leveraging your existing DX lens investments is a good thing. The grip quality is outstanding and when used with the Eneloop NI-MH AAs, the camera works great. Approx. 2400 images on a charge, and the grip will use the native EN EL15 battery, AAs with the carrier (mine came with it), or the expensive EN EL18a option That gives the same performance as the AAs for considerably more money, and the need to buy the battery, a charger for it, and the special carrier for it just adding to the cost. September 30, 2012
First Grip... works and feels awesome This is my first time using a grip. Day 1; don't know how I lived without them. Always thought I didn't need one, because I was strong, and nimble enough to shutter release without too much stability loss. Turns out, I was very mistaken. Much greater stability with the grip in portrait, and easy to switch between portrait and landscape. Don't hear or feel a single rattle in the battery area, as was stated by another reviewer. The shutter button seems very smooth and responsive, and it seems to work exactly like the standard shutter release button. Half way is about half way for focus and reading. Shooting in both manual and program modes, everything works great. I've also discovered, that for me at least, the camera overall seems to be better balanced when I'm working with it. I do portraits, weddings, etc., and can't wait to use it in those settings. A bit pricey... yes ($399.99), but I'm going to say worth it. Maybe it's just my initial delight speaking. Oh yea, almost forgot, having a second battery to power everything is a big plus. September 15, 2012
A bit overpriced, but feels great! I'm using it with my D800 and it may be a bit overpriced (bought when I was visiting my family in Poland for 1300 zloty (PLN), which is 380$ - and remember that in Poland the tax is 23%, not 8%), but it feels great, works great and.... what else do you expect from a vertical grip? Sometimes I forget about having it, I quite rarely put it off - but without it D800 feels... too small and too light ;-) I've changed from D7000 with MB-D11 to D800 with MB-D12 and it feels quite the same - great camera with a great battery pack. July 14, 2012
Not Ideal for Tripod Use - Adds Worthwhile Vertical Functionality & Battery Life THe MB-D12 adds useful vertical functionality and battery life that I appreciate. The multi-selector button is "so-so" in comparison to the high-quality one built into the camera body; however, it's adequate. My real gripe is that when attached and screwed in tightly, the fit to the body is not totally snug. So, if you're doing critical work with a tripod, the camera+grip assembly is not rock solid. It's a much more solid platform without the battery grip attached. December 14, 2012
Between a rock and a hard place For starters, it's a great grip. Yes, it is completely overpriced. however, the aftermarket grips, being so cheap aren't exactly something id trust to hold $4-6k of camera+lens on a tripod. Thus, my rationale for 'investing' the extra money to buy the Nikon one. It feels solid when mounted to a tripod, and the tactility is great. However, the d-pad button is a little small and twitchy, so it isn't hard to press the wrong direction. My biggest gripe is that the battery tray doesn't lock into the grip very securely, so it rattles when walking with the camera. This also means that the weather sealing on the door is useless. That's anything but the experience one might expect from a product with such a high price point. Again, I personally wouldn't trust my gear tied to one of the aftermarket plastic body versions, but this just is not worth the asking price. September 12, 2012
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