Beautiful memories from a distance, even in low light.

Capture outstanding photos and Full HD 1080p videos from a distance, even in low light, with the COOLPIX L820. Its superb 30x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens has both super-telephoto and wide-angle capabilities—zoom in for highly detailed closeups, or zoom out and bring the whole scene into the frame. A 16.0-megapixel low-light CMOS image sensor helps you shoot natural-looking, crisp photos at parties, weddings, concerts and more; and it's ergonomic design features a larger grip and 3-inch LCD for maximum shooting comfort, speed and control. From family reunions to travel, you'll bring home amazing memories with ease.
VR image stabilization
Motion Detection
ISO 3200
Clear Color Display
Smart Portrait System
Scene Auto Selector
Full HD
3D Mode
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Get close from afar

Capture distant images with a 30x wide-angle to telephoto NIKKOR ED glass zoom lens

Every COOLPIX is designed around a genuine NIKKOR glass lens, the legendary optics that have made Nikon famous. The COOLPIX L820 features a 30x zoom NIKKOR lens that takes you from wide-angle group shots to telephoto close-ups in an instant. And don't worry about a little camera shake—lens-shift Vibration Reduction keeps the shot steady even when your hands are not.
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Superior low-light performance

High-performance CMOS image sensor lets you shoot without a flash

Imagine being able to shoot without a flash at weddings, concerts, parties—anywhere your flash normally fires. You won't have to interrupt a moment to capture it, and your photos and HD videos will look more natural and true to your memory. The COOLPIX L820 performs so well in low light situations that, in most cases, using the flash is optional. Of course, when the lighting is extremely poor and you need a flash, it'll be there.

Record superior videos

1080p Full HD videos with stereo sound for dazzling movies

If you want a compact camera that shoots stunning HD videos, the COOLPIX L820 delivers. 1080p Full HD means exceptional video quality. Record the action, then connect to an HDTV and watch your videos come alive. A built-in mic records high-quality audio in stereo. Your videos will look and sound phenomenal.

Dazzle with every shot

16.1-MP CMOS sensor for exceptional image quality and enhanced low-light performance

Create truly exceptional photos and HD videos with the COOLPIX L820. Its high-performance NIKKOR glass lens is paired with a 16.0-megapixel CMOS low-light image sensor for superior image quality, versatility and low-light performance. Your shots will impress even you.

Comfortable, balanced handling

Larger ergonomic design for easier shooting

You will feel a difference when handling the COOLPIX L820 for the first time. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands and puts key controls like zoom and Movie Record right where you want them. This makes for more stable zooming, framing, shooting and video recording, and it means you won't have to take your eyes off the large, bright 3.0-inch display while you're capturing memories.

Enjoy the view

Compose, review and share your photos and HD videos on a vibrant, high-resolution 3.0-inch 921,000-dot VGA display.

Get the whole scene into your shot

At its widest setting, the COOLPIX L820's optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens delivers a 22.5mm wide-angle view (35mm equivalent), perfect for getting more of the scene into your shot without backing up.

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary

Easily apply fun and creative Image Effects like Selective Colour, Miniature, Skin Softening and more right from the camera—no need for additional photo or video-editing software.

Master the camera in no time

The COOLPIX L820 is so easy to use, anyone can take great photos and videos with it. Select Easy Auto Mode, and the camera will automatically adjust the settings to help you get better shots.
COOLPIX L820 4.6 5 74 74
Amazing Camera Love this. I previously owned a small coolpix and i upgraded to this one. The quality is great and the added features like panorama, 3D and color select are awesome. I haven't had it long but I'm really happy with it. It's super easy to use and it looks so professional when using it! 5 stars for sure! December 30, 2013
luv it easy to use and great pictures, light weight, luv zoom on side of len as well as by shoot button June 25, 2013
The Perfect Camera This is my first Nikon and I love it! For the last 20 years I have only owned & used Canon. While I am still exploring/learning about all of the features of the Coolpix L820, this is the best camera I have ever owned. I am highly impressed with the cameras zoom capabilities & the picture clarity when the camera is in zoom mode. The camera is easy to navigate and use. I can honestly say that this camera has made me a Nikon fan for life. Any future cameras I purchase will be Nikon because I am highly impressed with the camera I got for the price I paid. I paid much more for a Canon Powershot and I was never able to get the exceptional quality of picture I have gotten with my Nikon Coolpix. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone, especially people like myself who are not professional photographers but want to capture the shot just right. April 10, 2014
I am impressed with the Nikon Coolpix L850 Right out of the box this one amazing camera! The features are very easy to operate, set up is amazingly simple. I am old school all of the way but I have wanted to update to a digital camera since the old days of film cameras. This camera is a great entry level camera with many great features that I would expect in one many times more the dollar amount. Needless to say I am impressed beyond words! I would recommend this camera to anyone on a budget who wants the affordability, but wants the features of a professional; this one has it all. Kudos Nikon! March 31, 2014
Re..."Happy"... I bought the L820 as a self indulgent retirement gift for my-self this past November.As good as the Canon point and shoot I also own is, I felt limited by it's 720 resolution abilities.The L820 was on sale and the price was too good to pass up.There's a lot to like about this model Nikon, it has more features than I'll ever use which is okay as the features being used so far do a terrific job and exceed my needs and expectations.The only thing I find as a negative is the lens cover.Only once have I forgotten to remove the cover and fortunately the camera didn't seem worse for the experience.Olympus uses a spring loaded design where by four over lapped lens covers permanently attatched move aside as the lens moves out from the housing. It's an excellent design and one I would like to see used by Nikon.Another plus if possible for the price point would be an old fashioned view finder.Sometimes the flat screen on the back would wash out in sun light.A feature I like with the L820 is at the 1080 resolution enlarged images don't lose crispness or clarity.The video is all I could ask for,with good sound capture and fine detailing in the imagery.The use of double A batteries was a surprise but in hind-sight it makes sense.Like Coca-Cola,double A batteries can be found anywhere you go in the world and you can also buy them as rechargeables too.The L820 got a serious work out for the two months I was gone over seas and I'm very happy with my buying it. Really a great camera, so much so I think if used by professionals on a daily basis it would give a good account of itself given its pricing..."Boomer48"... March 10, 2014
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