Your passion for photography doesn’t take a vacation.

If you're looking for a compact companion to your D-SLR gear for road trips and vacations, grab the Nikon COOLPIX P7100 and keep on shooting. This portable camera doesn't compromise quality or creativity, delivering the versatility, performance and speed that keep you in the game. Get amazing photos and HD (720p) movies with intense detail powered by a large 10.1-MP, 1/1.7" CCD sensor and Nikon's imaging technology. Process every moment with faster performance—even minimize image blur with VR image stabilization. Then add in-camera special effects to take your photos in a new direction. You'll keep the photography passion burning.
VR Image Stabilization icon Motion Detection icon ISO Sensitivity Up To 6400 icon Clear Colour Display icon Smart Portrait System icon Scene Auto Selector icon Subject Tracking icon HD (720p) Movie icon
CCD Sensor
ED Glass Lens
Ultra High-Resolution
(921,000-dot) Vari-Angle LCD
(720p) Movies
with Stereo Sound
Incredible detail and sharpness in any lighting

Superior Nikon image quality

Large 10.1-MP, 1/1.7" CCD image sensor

Perfectly portable, the P7100 delivers high performance to ensure that images and movies astound you with incredible detail and sharpness. A large 10.1-MP, 1/1.7" CCD sensor minimizes image noise and faithfully renders superb color in everything from portraits to travel photos. Fast image processing powers through your most demanding needs for capturing spontaneous shots, frame after frame. The P7100 even minimizes the chance of a blurred shot thanks to VR image stabilization paired to a 7.1x wide angle Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens. Keep photography your non-stop passion with a non-stop camera.

Capture the “decisive moment”

High-speed performance

As a photographer, nothing is more important than capturing “the decisive moment.” And nothing is more essential than a camera that can grab the moment. The P7100 captures each photo with incredible responsiveness powered by Nikon's EXPEED C2 image processing engine technology. Fire frame after frame the moment you turn on the camera—compose then shoot. Fast auto focus ensures images are caught in sharp detail. Go ahead, shoot in RAW for greater control. Get high-resolution photos or shoot HD movies with the compact, yet powerful P7100 in your pocket. Heed the creative call when the moment beckons.
Fast startup and shooting so you can freeze the action
Special effects and manual control put you in charge

Pursue your creative vision

Manual control puts you in charge

You see an image a certain way. Pursue that vision. Don't let your camera limit what you create. With the P7100, you control the camera's functionality, which means you have the power to customize each shot the way you desire. The P7100 puts you squarely in the driver's seat via dedicated controls for P/S/A/M and a multitude of camera functionality commands. Every exposure nuance is in your hands. Wish to personalize even more? Consider adding in-camera special effects such as the new Cross Process or HDR.

Put your vision in motion

HD (720p) movies with stereo sound

Put your vision in motion with HD movie recording, and make dazzling photojournalism, travel movies, even mini documentaries in HD 720p with stereo sound. The P7100's versatile 7.1x wide angle Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens gives you control from wide angle to telephoto to macro. The director in you will love how easy and fun it is to create productions. Tell your own vision.
Shoot HD (720p) movies with stereo sound
3-inch Vari-Angle monitor lets you achieve new perspectives

A new angle on your world

Ultra high-resolution Vari-Angle monitor

The P7100's 3-inch Vari-Angle (921,000-dot) monitor not only delivers great viewing of in-camera still and movie creations, it also lets you take your creative passion to new levels. Whether working indoors or out, capture what you see from most any point of view. Adjust the Vari-Angle monitor, with its Clear Color Display and anti-reflection coating, to observe what the camera sees—even when you're in the most unconventional position or stretching the limits to reach a unique angle.
Virtual Horizon Indicator keeps your shots level
Level the playing field

Display the Virtual Horizon indicator on the LCD to ensure the camera is level relative to the horizontal plane and also confirm horizontal inclination.

Nikon's enhanced NRW (RAW) file lets you modify the image later without degrading the quality
Enhanced NRW (RAW) file format

Nikon's own NRW (RAW) file format contains the original image information read by the CCD image sensor for each shot. This permanent record of the unprocessed data lets you modify and edit the image freely without worrying about any degradation in image quality.

User defined focal lengths mimic prime lenses
User-defined focal length settings

Zoom Memory lets you quickly switch between seven preset focal lengths as though you were choosing instantly between one of seven different prime lenses.

Quickly adjust tone levels and other settings
Quick and precise image adjustment

Tone level information lets you easily confirm tone levels for any point within the framed image, and from there make fine adjustments to exposure compensation, aperture, shutter speed or even ISO settings.

COOLPIX P7100 4.3 5 52 52
Best ergonometrics in a compact The P7100 was purchased after several epiphanies: when travelling I never have room for my DLSR any more, or even a mirror-less system for that matter; 99% of my images are never printed on paper; and as I now need reading glasses viewfinders are of lesser value. The P7100 has become my main camera replacement, taking the place of both my compact and my DSLR for almost everything. Excellent IQ but the outstanding feature is the ergonometrics; I love features like having separate controls for Aperture and Shutter and having things like Flash Compensation at hand without going to the menu. These controls are main selling feature of the camera for me. The tilt out screen is the main feature I like; I generally shoot from the waist. March 16, 2013
The best camera I had so far! It is not easy to choose a camera. So many brands and models! It took me a lot of time to make final decision. I wanted to say "Good bye" to my old 4-megapixel Olympus C-765UZ. I was using it for nearly 10 years! Great camera, but time takes its toll. I chose Coolpix P7100 as replacement. I was dreaming about decent camera, but did not want to invest into bulky dSLR or ever newer light mirrorless systems. I have read many reviews about P7100, paying extra attention to negative reviews. I noticed that many people who was not satisfied with P7100 claim to be dSLR users. Would you expect them to be fully satisfied with relatively simpler and slower camera? I would not. For me, this camera is a huge step forward from my 10-year-old Olympus. P7100 is much faster. Quality is much better. Screen is much bigger and tilting. Manual controls are much easier to access using plenty of dials. No, I don't touch them by accident like some users reported. I can control my fingers with high precision. I will have a lot of time learning how to use all the features presented in this camera, and I am looking forward to it. This camera might not be perfect for everyone, and I am sure I will find something that I would not like, but hey, is there anything perfect in the world? I don't think so. I am very happy with this camera, and I got it for just $325 dollars including shipping, Onyx bag and 4GB memory card. December 26, 2012
great camera-little dslr This is a great camera. I have a nikon d7000 which is nikons best dx camera. I use this camera when i need a light camera. The camera is great in low light. I use a sb-400 flash with this camera a great combo. I would like to have 1080p but video is good. October 9, 2012
Big improvement over P7000 Major improvement over P7000. Seems faster and I appreciate the pull-out LCD to help take photos from different angles. When shooting in manual mode it's a big help to have the front dial for quickly, easily changing Aperture. August 20, 2012
Great for everyday photography I am still in the process of learning how to use this camera. There are so many different features on it. I like that I can set it on automatic and roll with the flow, along with being able to use various settings, including manual, for more specialized shooting. Highly recommended as the camera to have with you for everyday use rather than carrying around a full blown digital SLR and lenses. Not that I plan to give up the SLR anytime soon. My only gripe is that I wish Nikon had included a case with the camera like the nice leather case that came bundled with the Coolpix S8100 I bought at Costco. Are you listening Nikon? August 15, 2012
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