Nikon Z Series: Mount Adapter FTZ


The Mount Adapter FTZ allows you to use your favorite F-mount DSLR NIKKOR lenses on the Z system cameras. Utilize the outstanding performance and resolving power of your approx. 360 NIKKOR F-mount lenses including over 90 NIKKOR lenses that have full AF/AE compatibility. (Full AF/AE supported when using FX or DX AF-S Type G/D/E, AF-P type G/E, AF-I type D and AF-S/AF-I Teleconverters)

An added benefit of using your older F-mount lenses is the built-in Vibration Reduction image stabilization of the Z series cameras that feature in-camera VR, so lenses without VR now become image stabilized using 3-axis VR (Pitch/Yaw and Roll), and compatible F-mount NIKKOR lenses with VR (Pitch and Yaw) get the addition of roll axis for a total of 3-axis VR.

Non-CPU lenses (lenses without a central processing unit) will also benefit from in-camera VR, just register the focal length of the lens in the camera. To do this, go to the setup menu, and select Non-CPU Lens Data and put in the lens’ focal length and maximum aperture.

Use your F-mount NIKKOR lenses and Mount Adapter FTZ on your Z system camera to shoot stills or video. An integrated tripod mount keeps the stress of long lenses off the camera body, however when using a lens with its own tripod mount, its recommended you use the mount on the lens, rather than on the FTZ or camera body.

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