Image Quality
The Image of Innovation
All the tools and technologies you need to shoot like a pro.

What makes the Nikon D750 such an ideal FX choice? It’s a tool that delivers the full package. For weddings, landscapes, wildlife and action; for those must-have moments that occur in low light or at difficult shooting angles; or even for movie-quality video — no matter the occasion or professional assignment, the Nikon D750 is always up for the challenge.

Four innovative features combine seamlessly to optimize your creativity and control. Precision image sensing. Rapid image processing. Sublime NIKKOR lenses. Empowering Picture Controls. It’s all here in one total solution.

24.3 MP FX-format
CMOS Sensor
EXPEED 4 Image
Processing Engine
Picture Control
Image Quality
Enjoy FULL-FRAME Freedom with a 24.3 MP
FX-format CMOS Sensor — newly developed!
Create stunning images with extraordinary detail and extensive tonal range.

A generously sized full-frame FX-format CMOS sensor, a wide pixel pitch of 5.97 microns and an expansive dynamic range
result in high-ISO images of remarkable clarity and definition. Rich and smooth tonal gradations. Dramatic character and
texture. High-sensitivity image capture for both stills and video. All with reduced noise throughout a broad ISO range.

FX-Format at
6,032 x 4,032

With FX-format stills at a size of 6,032 x
4,032 pixels, feel
free to crop as 
aggressively as you
like, all without
compromising the
detail and tonal
range that make 
the shot so special.

Image Quality
EXPEED 4 Image-Processing Engine —
The Power Behind the Performance.
Lets you shoot and process images as fast as 6.5fps at full resolution.

Managing data-laden images with superior speed and accuracy, the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine expands your ISO
sensitivity range for greater flexibility — from ISO 100 to 12,800 and expandable to 51,200. Expect super results with
suppressed noise, even in tough lighting conditions. Plus, EXPEED 4 keeps perfect pace with the D750’s super-fast
burst rate — up to 6.5 frames per second (fps) at full resolution.

Image Quality
Storied NIKKOR Lenses —
For that Legendary Nikon Look.
Essential to Nikon’s prominence are the lenses professionals trust.

For over 80 years, NIKKOR lenses have set the bar for quality in optics. Select from a vast array of NIKKOR lenses that deliver what
you demand in your optics: high resolution, razor sharp accuracy and field-proven reliability.

The Science
Behind the Success
Zoom in for a
Closer Look
Press top and bottom buttons
to select Picture Contol choices
Image Quality
Built-In Picture Control —
Keeps You in Charge of Every Shot and Circumstance.
Versatile shooting options provide a setting for every situation.

With the Nikon D750 in hand, you can be a more creative, artistic and productive photographer, equipped to master the moment. Numerous Picture Control settings make for quick and convenient workflow under common shooting conditions, and they help you take the guesswork out of tricky situations. You’ll quickly identify those familiar settings that deliver precisely what you’re after. It all adds up to more rewarding and productive photographic experiences — greater, more nuanced results. The Nikon D750 puts it all together to maximize your creativity and control.

Extended Picture

The D750 features
an expanded Picture
Control menu, where
the range of options
have also been
extended, and
adjustments can
be made in precise 
incremental steps.

Advanced Features
Explore. Experiment. Expand Your Horizons.
A host of advanced photographic features complement your creative instincts.

If you’re one who loves to explore and experiment, you’ll treasure the Nikon D750. It’s packed with a combination of manual and automatic controls, scene modes and image-enhancing special effects designed to inspire enthusiasts to be more creative, while enabling professionals to be more productive. And, with Nikon’s “My Menu” function, you can create a customized menu list that acts as a shortcut to the features you utilize most, allowing you to shoot with the settings you want — faster, more confidently and with a lot more consistency. The D750 is a serious tool for serious shooters of photography.

Advanced Multi-CAM
3500 II Autofocus
Advanced Scene
Recognition System
with a 91K-Pixel
RGB Sensor
Special Effects
Advanced Features
Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II Autofocus Sensor
Providing the same autofocus features you’ll find on Nikon’s Flagship D4S!

The D750’s Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II pro-level autofocus sensor features 15 cross-type sensors that let you detect and lock-on to a desired focus point, or points, and shoot with ease and precision — even when shooting in light as dim as EV-3, a level at which the human eye has difficulty seeing.

Group Area
AF Mode
51-Point Dynamic
Area AF System with
f/8 Compatibility
11 Center
Focus Points
Advanced Features
Advanced Scene Recognition System with a
91K-Pixel RGB Sensor — a Nikon Exclusive!
Excellence that’s easy to recognize.

The Advanced Scene Recognition System, a Nikon pro user favourite, works in tandem with the 91K-pixel RGB sensor to deliver high accuracy. This “thinking” sensor analyzes the colours, textures and levels of contrast and brightness of a given scene, while also detecting the presence or absence of human faces.

Advanced Scene
Recognition System
with a 91K-Pixel
RGB Sensor
Advanced Features
Highlight Weighted Metering
Controlling the chaos.

We’ve all been in circumstances like concerts or theatrical performances where multiple light sources, spotlights and glare are chaotically hitting the camera from all directions at once. How do you handle such a challenge?

It Gets The Ideal

Highlight Weighted Metering achieves the ideal exposure for each shot by automatically giving priority to the brighter portions of the scene, without you needing to constantly make manual adjustments. Convenient!

Advanced Features
Real-Time Special Effects — for Both Stills and Video!
Explore the effects your imagination ponders.

The Nikon D750 doesn’t only have a high IQ, it has a high quotient of “cool.” Case in point: its very cool real-time special effects for both stills and video. It’s like having an image-enhancing lab in your hands. The D750 comes with a host of preset and adjustable image-altering settings designed to dramatically transform the “look and feel” of your images — pushing the limits of your curiosity, creativity and visual ingenuity. Explore them, experiment… and enjoy the results!

Real-Time Special
Cinematic Video
A Better Tool for Better Storytelling
Shoot movie-quality video to capture life’s more moving moments.

Another major feature that makes the D750 an indispensible resource as a primary or companion camera is its Full HD video capabilities — all of which you’ll conveniently find in a dedicated video-shooting menu or on the Movie “Live View” screen. If you’re an enthusiast who’s ready to upgrade the quality and sophistication of the videos you shoot or an experienced moviemaker that’s looking to integrate a dependable primary or B-roll camera, the Nikon D750 will add more depth and dimension to your storytelling.

The Nikon D750 shoots Full HD 1080p cinematic video at 60/30/24p with three image area options FX (36x24mm), 1:2 (30x20mm) and DX (24x16mm), delivering greater operability and versatility in a camera you’ll reach for often. Whether you’re documenting life’s invaluable memories, capturing the intensity of live-action sports, or producing movies or commercial videos as a demanding full-time professional, the D750 has the robust set of features you need to do so with exceptional feature-film quality.

Built-In Wi-Fi
Share Your Vision with The World
Easily upload stills to your favourite social networking sites and services.
In the social-media-driven world in which we live, the desire to share the moments of our lives has never been greater. And, thanks to
various built-in image sharing and data transfer technologies, the Nikon D750 makes the natural process of sharing photography super easy.

Built-in Wi-Fi for the Enthusiast

First and foremost, the D750 is the first Nikon FX-format D-SLR to come with Wi-Fi conveniently built in. Simply download the free Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app onto your compatible smart device. Use the app to upload stills directly to your mobile device right there as you shoot them — or tag them for later upload — and then share images to your heart’s content.

Wireless Remote
UT-1 and
WT-5A Devices
Control Pro 2
Comprehensive Systems
Power. Precision. Performance.
The Nikon D750 is loaded with intelligent features and cool extras that make it an awesome solution.

In terms of operability and reliability, the systems that comprise the Nikon D750 are advanced, proven and comprehensive. They provide every benefit and
advantage needed to support you both artistically and professionally. As a primary camera for the dedicated enthusiast or as a backup for the hardworking,
deadline-driven pro, the D750 has powerful technologies that add value to everything you shoot, whether stills or movie-quality video.

Empowering System
3.2-Inch Tilting
LCD Monitor
NEW Multimedia
SB-500 Speedlight
But Rugged