October 16, 2018

Nikon Canada offers the future of photography this holiday

This season’s models include new full-frame mirrorless cameras that capture more light than ever, and a COOLPIX camera with an astonishing 125x optical zoom

Mississauga, ON

Today Nikon Canada announced its holiday lineup for 2018, including gift ideas for serious shooters who want to upgrade their camera bodies with the latest in optical technology, and flexible options for families that need a camera with powerful zoom capabilities only a long lens can offer.


Nikon’s new Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras gather more light with the large new Z mount, which means more detail and more speed when taking shots. The cameras are the perfect upgrade for longtime Nikon shooters who want to bring their lenses to a new system built for the future of photography. Approximately 360 Nikon DSLR lenses are compatible using the FTZ mount adapter, which means that any Nikon shooter who receives a Z 7 or Z 6 during the holidays will likely already own compatible lenses. The Z series also launches with a new generation of Nikon glass that takes advantage of the Z Mount and the short 16mm flange focal distance for corner-to-corner sharpness, even at their widest aperture.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): Z 6 body only $2,799.95; with 24-70mm lens $3,649.95

Z 7 body only $4,699.95; with 24-70mm lens $5,549.95

Availability: The Z 6 will be available in September and the Z 7 will be available in November at Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: https://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/mirrorless-cameras/overview.page


The COOLPIX P1000 camera has a 125x optical zoom that can zoom into craters on the moon (the lens is equivalent to 3000mm). The range on the lens also makes it great for portraits and landscapes. It’s an ideal travel camera for those who want something simple to use that can shoot anything they can see, no matter how distant. The kids will have fun zooming into points of interest they spot on the horizon. It’s a great gift for anyone in the family.

MSRP: $1,399.95

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/compact-digital-cameras/coolpix-p1000.html


This holiday Nikon is also featuring its most portable entry-level DSLR, the D3500. It’s a great option for parents or photography enthusiasts who want to take their photography to the next level. The D3500 uses Bluetooth to create an always-on connection between the camera and a compatible smartphone or tablet, making it easy to share images to social media.

MSRP: Body only $569.95; with 18-55mm lens $699.95

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/d3500.html


Since it launched, the D750 has become enormously popular by making full-frame photography available at an attractive price point. This holiday it’s available for just $2,549.95. The D750 is renowned for its versatility – equally adept at shooting video and low light photography, and endlessly expandable with Nikon’s legendary lenses, speedlights and microphones.

MSRP: Body only $2,549.95; with 24-120mm lens $3,249.95; with 50mm f1.8G lens $2,819.10

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/d750.html


For the experienced photographer, the D7500 offers a great sensor, advanced manual controls, and an 18-140mm kit lens that handles just about any scenario, from portraits to distance shots.  

MSRP: Body only $1,699.95; with 18-140mm lens $2,099.95.
Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: https://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/d7500.html



For intermediate photographers looking for a bargain, the D5300 is available now for $799.95 with an 18-55mm portrait lens. This reliable crop sensor is compatible with Nikon’s wide range of DSLR lenses, and features a swivelling screen for shooting comfortably from any angle.

MSRP: Body only $669.95; with 18-55mm lens $799.95

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

For more information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/d5300.html


A great gift for photographers looking to expand their lens options, Nikon’s ultra-wide AF-P DX 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR lens is wider than any kit lens, and is perfect for shooting cityscapes and architecture. The stepping motor offers silky smooth, near-silent autofocus.

MSRP: $414.95

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

More information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/camera-lenses/af-p-dx-nikkor-10-20mm-f%252f4.5-5.6g-vr.html


Nikon’s full-frame workhorse lens, the AF-S FX 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, is sharp out to the edges of the frame thanks to its aspherical shape. Nonstick glass makes it easy to wipe off water, dirt and smudges. The 24-70mm is the sweet spot of the zoom range for many photographers, great for everything from landscapes and studio work to weddings.

MSRP: $3,099.95

Availability: Nikon Authorized Dealers across Canada

For more information: http://en.nikon.ca/nikon-products/product/camera-lenses/af-s-nikkor-24-70mm-f%252f2.8e-ed-vr.html


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