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  • 20.1-megapixel CCD image sensor for extremely high-resolution photos and 720p HD videos
  • Slim design that fits easily in a pocket and complements your style
  • 7x optical zoom wide-angle to telephoto NIKKOR glass lens
  • Fun Image Effects make it easy to get creative and artistic with your shots

Product Details

A camera that looks as good as the shots it takes.

Take one look at the COOLPIX S3400, and you'll want it for its slim, stylish design. Take one shot with the COOLPIX S3400, and you'll want it for its beautiful 20.1-megapixel photos and dazzling HD videos. Sleek, pocket-friendly and very easy to use, it's a great balance of style and performance. Capture bright, detailed images with a powerful 7x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens that goes from wide-angle to telephoto in an instant. Easily add fun and creative Image Effects to your shots—highlight one colour within a scene, give everything an antique look, soften the focus for flattering portraits and more. Carry the COOLPIX S3400 everywhere and start capturing the moments that matter with style.
  • 20.1 MPCCD Sensor
  • 7xZoom NIKKOR Glass Lens
  • 2.7"QVGA LCD
  • 720p HD Video Recording

Point, shoot and amaze

Create beautiful high-resolution photos and videos with ease. The COOLPIX S3400's high-performance NIKKOR glass lens is paired with a 20.1-megapixel CCD image sensor that captures bright, vibrant images you'll love sharing.

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary

Have fun with your shots! Turn everything black and white except a red hat with Selective Colour. Give a scene an antique look with Nostalgic Sepia. Shoot a video that makes everything look like a toy model with the Miniature effect and much more. Image Effects makes it easy to create exciting images without any additional software.

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