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Kristian Bogner is a world-class professional photographer and speaker. His photographic philosophy is about ultimate positivity, passion and taking his technical expertise in photography to new levels of personal excellence, as well as sharing his imagery and techniques with others.

Kristian is a third generation photographer. By eight years old he was assisting with photography at weddings and at 10 years old he did his first commercial aerial shoot. As Kristian continued his career, he was eager to leave film and the darkroom behind and begin shooting digital. He chose the Nikon D1X as his first digital camera and never looked back, pushing the limits of digital and using Nikon cameras exclusively throughout his career.

Kristian has received the Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada Award three times from the Professional Photographers of Canada Association. He is also a four-time recipient of Photographer of the Year for Alberta, seven-time Photographer of the Year for Canada Finalist and winner of numerous other awards for best fashion, sports, illustrative, industrial and scenic images in Canada. He has received multiple international awards and has had an unmatched number of his images selected to be a part of the prestigious Canadian National Archives.

Kristian’s recent photographic expeditions have taken him to Dali, China, Ladakh, India, and Bangkok to capture amazing images of tribals, monks, nomads, mountainscapes, palaces, ancient cultures and more. Kristian’s professional work and love for photography have allowed him the opportunity to shoot a diverse array of commercial work from the Olympics and extreme sports to fashion, high-end architecture, aircraft, landscape photography and the many other exciting projects that come his way.  

Inspiring others to be better photographers has also become a big part of Kristian's purpose. He has been a keynote speaker for Nikon Canada at some of the largest photography events in the world.

I Photograph the world with passion to inspire, share, expand and practice the journey to excellence.

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