Craig Minielly



A Nikon Ambassador, Craig was first published at the age of thirteen, then freelanced on weekends before "officially starting his career" when he was hired into the press realm two years later at fifteen.

He’s always pursued the storytelling image and since been published worldwide in the fields of editorial, advertising, and corporate assignments.

With a passion for travel, light styling and a flair for on-location and underwater opportunities, his image creations are a combination of diverse influences from the editorial team he started with, the commercial industry he thrived in, and the portrait culture he has always been a part of.

An avid sailor on his 40’ Bavaria and scuba diver any chance he can, he’s always been a fresh air enthusiast and travel hound for any destination past the horizon.

As a featured presenter and salon adjudicator to events across Canada, the US & Internationally, he has a long list of credentials including multiple Photographer of the Year Awards, Association Masters degrees, the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award and is a member of The Explorer Club.

“I love what I do. Really, that’s what it all comes down to… I’m a photographer, it’s what I do, and I truly enjoy it.”

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