12.0 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches. This is plenty of sharp resolution to capture the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements.

New EXPEED Image Processor ensures high-quality pictures with stunning colour and sharpness. Nikon’s comprehensive digital imaging processing concept incorporates know-how and technologies accumulated throughout our long history of photographic and digital imaging development. EXPEED is custom-tuned for COOLPIX and applies optimized technologies to render natural-looking pictures of incredible quality. With the quick response made possible by EXPEED you will not miss that special moment.

Incredible, Bright 2.7-inch High Resolution LCD makes it easy to compose and share your pictures with friends and family.

New Sports Continuous Scene Mode for shooting at up to 11fps, up to 20 frames, when you set the resolution to 3MP or lower. These high-speed capture settings help you stay ahead of the action. Whether it is a swift golf or baseball swing, to the fast action on the soccer field. At 11fps, you will capture that action.

7x Optical Zoom-NIKKOR (37-260mm) Glass Lens - NIKKOR optics provide exceptional images. The lens is built on a proud heritage of producing precision camera optics that deliver superb colour and razor-sharp results. This amazing compact lens offers unbeatable compositional freedom with its wide-angle (37mm) to super telephoto coverage (260mm). Sweeping landscapes can be captured as well as zoomed-in close-ups of the action taking place on the baseball or soccer field - all this from a camera that can slip right into your shirt pocket or purse!

4 Way VR Image Stabilization:

  • Nikon's Optical VR Image Stabilization compensates for the effects of camera shake by moving the image sensor. This produces clearer, sharper results in lower lighting or unsteady conditions.
  • Motion Detection automatically detects moving subjects and adjusts shutter speed and the ISO setting to compensate for camera shake and subject movement.
  • High ISO up to 6400 capability helps give you sharper results when shooting in low light or capturing fast-moving subjects. This creates new opportunities to take sharper, more natural-looking photos in lower light conditions. ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 is available at 3MP or lower resolution.
  • Nikon’s original Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically takes up to 10 shots while the shutter is pressed and then saves the sharpest image.

Scene Auto Selector automatically recognizes the scene in your picture and adjusts the camera settings. Just set the camera to the Scene Auto Selector and the camera changes the settings according to the scene you are photographing, automatically!

Nikon’s Smart Portrait System:

  • In-Camera Red-Eye Fix automatically fixes most instances of red-eye in the camera. You may never see red-eye again.
  • Enhanced Face-Priority AF is Nikon’s face-finding technology that automatically focuses on up to 12 faces.
  • Smile Mode automatically releases the shutter when your subject smiles. The camera will detect the subject's smile and will automatically fire the shutter.
  • NEW Blink Proof enables the camera to take two pictures when the subject smiles and saves the shot in which the subject’s eyes are open.
  • D-Lighting rescues dark or backlit images by improving brightness and detail where needed.
COOLPIX S630 4 5 48 48
i love it...but i got a few issues w/ it... i really do love this camera...& have managed to get LOTS & LOTS of great shots from it(as long as it's day & sunny)...however...i have to say that photos at night don't work out too well(sometimes you get lucky though)...if there isn't enough light...it won't focus...which stinks when i'm trying to get a night time macro shot...plus i wish it had a faster shutter speed...& i also noticed that when the battery is getting low...the photo guality lessens...also in my opinion it's too sensitive to hand shaking & doesn't pick up the color purple correctly...but honestly for the price it's an awesome camera...really great for beginners in photography to learn with...i think that if i want better quality pics for macro shots then i'll just have to save up & get a higher quality camera w/ fancy lenses February 18, 2011
really great i'am a person that apreciates good quality pictures and althought i had used profesional cameras.... this little pocket camera for me is quite imppresive and takes good pictures in low light conditions and fast.... great camera!!!! December 28, 2010
Great features and STUNNING pictures This camera has been nothing but good to me. I consider myself to be a good photographer, and have great interest in it. I've known people with full DSLR's and they are blown away at the quality that this camera gives. The zoom is astounding, and very quick which is good when in a hurry to snap that picture. This camera has given me many awesome shots and I am delighted at the prospect of many more. It has gotten me hooked on Nikon cameras! November 17, 2010
Love it! I love this camera. I've taken beautiful pictures that I love looking at! Great Camera, Good Price, Great Pictures, Sleek Design I LOVE IT!! :) August 30, 2010
Great camera but problem with TV display We are fond of displaying pictures taken with the camera on our HD TV for family and friends. If the picture is taken in horizontal mode the display is fine. However, if a picture is taken in vertical mode of a tall building, a churh spire for example, the display is tipped on its side. Every vertical mode picture must be rotated manually, which is a royal pain. Another camera, a competing brand, has an autorotate feature for display purposes which is a boon. Why Nikon couldn't build an autorotate feature into its camera program is beyond me. A Nikon technical representative confirmed the lack of an auto rotate feature. August 6, 2010
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